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Product introduction:
3D stereo eyelash suit     ( 查看中文 》》》)


Part I: Overview

Product Name: 3D stereo eyelash products (set)
Product Origin: Taiwan
1: Features:
This is a near-perfect, best-of-breed product.
2: The company has 30 years of production and market experience, product quality and image close to the market.
3: Do another worry!
Poor glue!

Do not pretty!
Pretty good long!
Do not worry and so on.

4: enjoy the benefits of products
Lucrative: 15-18 available, the proposed service charges HK $ 300-350 / each time
5: Curl natural, keep long. (About 45-60 days)

6: easy to use, quick effect, safe, and very popular. (Thousands of users)

Part II:
Material matching

1: with beautiful long-lasting, packaging trendy features
2: break the traditional, but the material is complete.
3: equipped, not false demand.
Red: 5ml of an electric cream
Blue: stereotypes 5ml a
Orange: Eye 5ml one
White: glue 5ml a
Silicone film: 3 pairs
Four country language ins
tructions operation guide
Professional free tips

Part III:
Support, honor, product pricing.

1: buy more than three sets at a time, free professor (comes with models (the company ninth floor, booking) (home to teach to buy six sets)
2: operating instructions (four languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
3: Shelf life: 6-8 months after opening.

4: Professional honor:
The only Korean beauty health association certification.
(With certificate template)

5: product pricing
HK $
Half price: HK $
Glue another configuration: / support

Part IV: Market Response

Consumers voice:

1: Safety: Not sensitive, not dangerous.
2: the effect of the ideal: fast, pretty, positive. Trendy

Beautician voice
1: easy to operate (China, Japan, Korea, Britain four languages)
2: lasting (45-60 days)
3: safety (professional training,)
4: Nature (3D)

Integrity, ring closely, products, technology with each other, are indispensable.

Part V: 3D Usage Tips
1: avoid using metal
2: keep clean and clean thro
3: a little glue in the silicone primer, put the nearest eyelash position.
4: silicone noodles and then coated with a little glue (not too much), and a toothpick lightly neatly curl curling and paste on the silicone. (Visually more than 95% of the paste is allowed)
5: with another toothpick will be red cream applied to the eyelashes (visual just cover the eyelashes) 12 minutes.
5: with another toothpick to the blue stereotypes cream on the eyelashes (visual just cover the eyelashes) 12 minutes.
6: wash with warm water, coated with maintenance mascara.
7: effect to maintain 30 to 45 days.
8: product quality (about eight months' to open and correct storage for the prospective.)                       
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Contact and order method

Receive message call:
1: (WhatsApp and Wechat
2: orders can be directly used WhatsApp or wechat: 93355441
Www. Fullmoral. Com. Hk

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